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Floor 4

Type View Quadrature Status
p. 40 Apartment two bedrooms E/Pool/S 141.15 m2 FREE
p. 41 Apartment one bedroom South 63.26 m2 FREE
p. 42 Apartment one bedroom Pool 69.19 m2 FREE
p. 43 Apartment two bedrooms S/Pool 130.24 m2 FREE
p. 44 Apartment two bedrooms S/Pool 122.75 .. FREE
p. 45 Apartment two bedrooms W/Pool 108.96 m2 FREE
p. 46 Apartment two bedrooms W/Pool 101.75 m2 FREE
p. 47 Apartment one bedroom North 87.51 m2 FREE
p. 48 Apartment one bedroom Pool 88.20 m2 FREE
p. 49 Apartment one bedroom West 63.58 m2 FREE
p. C50 Apartment one bedroom Pool 69.64 m2 FREE
p. C51 Apartment one bedroom North 61.48 m2 FREE
p. C52 Apartment two bedrooms E/Pool 146.78 m2 FREE
p. C53 Apartment one bedroom North 60.86 m2 SOLD

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